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Send My Photos


Welcome and Thank You for being one of the first Photogs in the world
to use our new Digital & Print Image Delivery product - Send My Photos!


Here’s how it works:

1.)   Choose your Send My Photos Box & Flash Drive Style
2.)   Customize the Print + Flash Box
3.)   Customize the Flash Drive
4.)   Follow the prompts to upload the digitals you would like us to load onto the USB into a folder named FLASH DRIVE.
5.)   Upload the files you would like us to make into Prints into a File named PRINTS
        Please be sure to Crop your images to the appropriate size BEFORE uploading.
6.)   Copy and paste the corresponding Upload link and you’re done!
7.)   Checkout. (If you have a code purchased at a show you will insert it in the Promo Code box.)

Still Have Questions Please Read our FAQ
Send My Photos FAQ

Tell me about the Prints?

Your select prints will be printed on FUJIFILM FRONTIER-S DX100 print solutions using Fujifilm Lustre paper. Pro-tip: Crop your images to be printed to 4x6 or 5x7 size BEFORE you start creating your product – if you do not prints will be sized from the center of the image which may not be how you intended the print to appear. Please limit your upload of prints to twenty. If you upload more than twenty, we will print the first twenty files only.


What about the file sizes for content load..?

Maximum folder size = 2GB. If your “Flash Drive” File is larger than 2GB, you can still use the SMP service –but you will need to load your digital negatives at your studio as you do today.

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If you have questions or experience any hiccup in the process, please contact us at:
cs (at) - your input helps us perfect our craft!