4 Creative Ways To Use A PlayBook At A Wedding Fair

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Wedding fairs are an amazing opportunity to meet potential couples, book available weekends throughout the year and meet other businesses in the industry. The PlayBook is a fantastic tool that helps you to stand apart from your competition, engage attendees and close more business. In this post we cover 4 creative ways to use a PlayBook at a wedding fair.

1. Applaud their choice while showing them examples

4 Creative ways to use PlayBook at a Wedding Fair

Utilize the chapter feature of the PlayBook to load highlight films from venues in the area of the wedding fair. Then, when you ask a couple where they plan to get married, you can quickly show them an example of your work at that venue, assuring them they made a great decision while also showcasing that you know the venue like the back of your hand!

2. Keep them in your booth

4 Creative ways to use PlayBook at a Wedding Fair

There is literally nothing worse than being in the middle of a conversation, but needing to jump into another before another potential couple or bride walks away. PlayBook to the rescue. Excuse yourself for 30 seconds to hand the PlayBook to the next bride in line, inviting them to take a look while you finish up a conversation.

3. Use as a closing tool

4 Creative ways to use PlayBook at a Wedding Fair

If there’s a bride you would love to photograph and she happened to be loving the PlayBook, follow up after the show with a special free PlayBook if they book by x date. If using PlayBook as a closing tool, be sure to list it at a higher than the normal a la cart price so your client sees real value in their decision.

4. Extend the happiness

4 Creative ways to use PlayBook at a Wedding Fair

Ask the couple if there is anyone very important to them that can’t make the wedding. If it’s Grandma and Gramps, for example, who can’t make the long trip, suggest they gift a PlayBook so their loved ones can enjoy the moments as if they were there. If they haven’t booked with you yet, use idea #3 and extend a discount on the PlayBook for Grandma and Gramps if they book with you!

PlayBook is not only a great product to sell to your client but a tool you can personally use in your business. When the goal is to stand out and leave an impression—especially at an event like a wedding fair, think PlayBook.

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4 Creative ways to use PlayBook at a Wedding Fair

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