Customer Feature: Sivan Rettew

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Lovely in Lace Boudoir by Sivan Photography

Specializing in boudoir in Central Florida, Sivan Rettew has a passion for inspiring women, empowering them, motivating them, and doing what she can to help them gain a sense of self-love and confidence. 

How do you use our products in your business?

My clients absolutely adore the Lockbox for their boudoir images! It’s one of our highly sought after products, and it is definitely one that my clients consistently say “wow!” to when they see it in person. It’s a show-stopper!

Create your own luminous box

Why are branded products important to you?

As a luxury and high-end boudoir photographer, it’s imperative that our clients get top notch photos, service, and products. Custom products allow them to enjoy their artwork even more, knowing that they made the correct choice in their investment in themselves! The products really become an heirloom, and our clients understand that even more when they see the incredible quality of products that we offer.

Why did you choose this specific product?

I was looking for something unique to offer my clients, and the lockbox was a clear winner!

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