Do you offer Studio Samples?

Flash Drives

Absolutely! You can order a customized, non-working, SAMPLE flash drive on our website. If you order a sample, the drive WILL NOT work when plugged into a computer. You will find the SAMPLE non working flash drive on the product pages listed along with the capacities of the drive you are interested in.


We also offer packaging samples! Any packaging can be purchased as a sample for 50% off the regular price using code SAMPLE50 at checkout. This offer is good for up to 5 packaging products per order (maximum use 1 time/year). You’ll need to place a separate order for packaging samples using this code as we will be print or engrave a small ‘Sample’ message on each product in the order.


PlayBook can now be ordered as a studio sample at 50% off. The PlayBook is fully functional and fully customizable (front and back). We will simply print a small ‘Studio Sample’ message on the back. To buy PlayBook studio samples, visit:

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