Getting started with your PlayBook

PlayBook File Preparation

For best results, here’s the export settings we recommend. With many types of video software and video conversion tools, you may not have options to change some of these. If you have any trouble, feel free to contact us and we can help.

Export as a .MP4
Set resolution to 1080p (1920px width)
Set bitrate from 5 to 8 Mbps (5000-8000Kbps)

Important note: anything larger than 1080p (2.5K, 4k) may not play on the PlayBook.

How to load videos onto PlayBook

Begin by plugging in the playbook to your computer using the included USB cable. Be sure to orient the micro USB end properly before inserting. The PlayBook will mount on your desktop as an external device (much like a flash drive). This is also how the battery is charged.

Navigate and open the “PLAYBOOK” external disc (may be listed as “Untitled”). You’ll see 3 demo .MP4 files that we’ve preloaded as sample content. Move all demo files to your computer’s trash. Note: to completely remove the files, you’ll need to empty your computer’s trash/recycle bin.

Before loading video file(s), we recommend renaming them. To have the videos autoplay in a specific order when opening the PlayBook, rename the files with a sequential number prefix.  (Example: 01_myvideofile.mp4, 02_myvideofile.mp4, 03_myvideofile.mp4, etc). The videos will play in order, sorted by filename.

You can load any type of files on the PlayBook, but only video files will autoplay on screen. Non-video files can easily be viewed on your computer when the PlayBook is plugged into your computer (just as you would view files on a flash drive).

Once you have loaded  your file (s) onto the PLAYBOOK, be sure to remove the cable from the cable jack on the side of the unit.  Failure to do so will prevent the PLAYBOOK from launching!!!

Reformatting the PlayBook for any reason will result in videos not being able to play. This would effectively cause the PlayBook to become an external storage-only device with no screenplay capability. There should be no need to reformat.

Still need help?