Studio Samples

The PhotoFlashDrive Studio Sample program is essential to any business.

Our customers who implement sampling into their business for any or all of these following reasons have proven time and again great success.

Here are just a few ideas of how studio samples can be useful:

In-Person Selling

Having samples on hand is a great way to give your clients the opportunity to touch and feel what you’re trying to sell them. We’ve seen great success stories from our customers who show their clients product options instead of just tell them.

Expand Your Offering

Your business is always expanding, so why not expand your product offering as well? With studio samples, you can add offerings to your al a carte menu for example, and possibly even sell past clients on new offerings!

Try Before You Buy

With our ever-expanding product offering—particularly our More Than Just Flash Drives initiative—studio samples are a fantastic way to try our new products at a discounted price to help make decisions for your business.

How It Works

Flash Drives

All of our flash drives can be fully customized and purchased as a non-working sample directly on each individual product page. It’s important to note that we do not print any “sample” disclaimer on sample flash drives. They ship exactly as they would normally, there is simply no memory installed so they will not function.


Our packaging products can be purchased fully customized for up to 50% off the regular price in limited quantities. Each sample will have a “Sample” disclaimer engraved or printed in discreet location on the outside of the product as these items aren’t meant for resale. To request packaging samples, click the button below to get started.


PlayBook is an amazing storytelling tool for photographers and videographers alike. Getting a sample is a great way to test it’s functionality and see the beautiful customization. PlayBook samples can be purchased individually at a discounted price by applying a code at checkout. See each PlayBook sample page for details.

All other products

We have many other products in our ever-expanding collection of More Than Just Flash Drives like drinkware, promotional items, and gifts. If you see any other products on our site you’re interested in sampling, please don’t hesitate to complete the request below and we will do everything we can to help you out!

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