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Updating Flash Drives (to USB 3.0) – A Letter From our President

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In this our 10th year serving the pro photography and imaging market, I am delighted to announce this exciting update about PhotoFlashDrive’s custom USB flash drives–particularly related to USB 3.0.

Just as we’ve done for the last nine years, we constantly strive to improve our products and services to best meet your needs. This year, we have focused intensely on improving our already legendary flash drive offerings.

Changes To Flash Drives Effective Immediately

  1. All flash drives* offering 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB options will ship as USB 3.0 (previously 2.0 only)
  2. Prices for all 16GB 3.0 flash drives will remain unchanged from their previous 2.0 prices–making this capacity the best value
  3. Prices for all 32GB 3.0 and 64GB 3.0 drives have been greatly reduced–well below the previous 2.0 prices–making these capacities a much easier upgrade option
  4. We’ve added a 128GB 3.0 option to all flash drives to serve as a great high-capacity customized option for you and your clients
  5. All flash drives offering 4GB 2.0 and 8GB 2.0 will remain unchanged, both in quality and price

usb 3.0

Why USB 3.0?

While quality and value are paramount to everything we do, the driving force of these changes is speed. In our eyes, real-world testing should be more important to you than the normal (and often misleading) lab and software testing results (where ours steadily performed as fast as 50MB/s read and 120MB/s write).

Following our extensive testing, we are proud and confident to say our new USB 3.0 drives will consistently and reliably copy an 8GB folder in +/- 7 minutes. This is compared to +/- 30 minutes with a 2.0 drive, equating to real-world 3.0 speeds of 20MB/s or greater.

Perhaps the most important part of these changes is that our custom flash drive quality and performance will remain consistent from drive to drive and order to order (as it always has) due to our strong relationships with the best suppliers in the industry. That’s why we’re committed to continuing our Lifetime Warranty on all flash drives for you and your clients.

Thank you for choosing PhotoFlashDrive as your branding and presentation partner. We will continue to do our very best to make you look amazing with custom flash drives and more. Please feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions or comments!

Brian Campbell
President, PhotoFlashDrive

* “All flash drives” refers to drives with an enclosed end. This excludes the Metallic Camera drive, Classic Credit Card drive, Wood Credit Card drive, and Brushed Aluminum Credit Card drive. Because of physical design constraints, these drives will be offered in 2.0 versions only.

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