What Makes Sub-Surface Engraved Crystal Flash Drives Different

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Some products get better with slight modifications. A 2 wheel drive truck is a good example. The same truck could be offered as a 4 wheel or all wheel drive vehicle without changing the look. Sub-surface laser engraved crystal flash drives are the latest craze in USB delivery products and we’re first in the industry to be offering it with NO minimum at the same price as original surface engraved drives! We’ve taken our traditional crystal USB flash drive and now offer it with your logo or personalization laser engraved sub-surface while still offering it with the same 20 different color options! Your logo can now, truly, be the center of attention!

But what does “sub-surface engraving” actually mean? Essentially we engrave your logo or design into the center of the crystal rather than just on top like our traditional crystal drives. When looking at the top, your design will be bright white in color. Turn the flash drive to the side and now you’ll see the design in the center of the crystal.  On a traditional crystal flash drive, the logo is engraved into the top of the glass so when looking at the side, it’s clear!

sub-surface engraved crystal flash drives photoflashdrive vs traditional flash drive

Sub-Surface Engraved Crystal Flash Drives Are Created By Tiny Fractures

When you look at the center of the sub-surface engraved crystal flash drives you’ll see tiny microfractures. The fractures are created by the laser hitting very specific locations in the glass. Our traditional crystal flash drives have microfractures on the top of the glass.

“Microfractures!?” you ask! Yes! Think about tapping a pane of glass with a small hammer and instead of it shattering, it just ‘breaks’ internally. Our lasers can ‘tap’ specific teeny tiny locations at a time. When finished, your design could account for thousands of hammer taps! This method provides greater clarity, with fine lines and intricate designs being even more beautiful and more elegant looking than traditional surface engraving. The best thing is that the microfractures don’t change the structural integrity of the glass.

sub-surface engraved crystal flash drives PhotoFlashDrive examples

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Your clients will love them

Few companies are even offering sub-surface laser engraving at all, and no one else is offering the ability to order 1 at a time at the same price as traditional surface engraving. At PhotoFlashDrive, you can customize and ship as few as 1, making them a product you can easily add to your lineup.  Plus, the suspended nature of the design makes it seem like magic. It creates a wow factor.  For those of you who want to impress a client, this product is it. It will surely make you stand out.


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Sub-Surface Engraved Crystal Flash Drives

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