PlayBook Video Player – Full Wrap Studio Sample


The new Full Wrap PlayBook Video Player with a soft-to-the-touch full-color printed cover is a beautiful and luxurious way to stretch your creative muscles when delivering your videos, slideshows, and more. Your sample will come as a fully functional 32GB unit with upgraded fast forward and rewind functionality!

Current production lead time: 7 business days

Current production lead time: 7 business days

IMPORTANT NOTE: to receive the $50 off discount, you must use code PBSAMPLE50 at checkout. Only 1 per order and 5 per year are allowed. Cannot be combined with other codes. On the back of each PlayBook will be a small sample stamp.

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All PlayBooks now ship as 32GB (for the same price as legacy 4GB models) and include fast forward and rewind functionality!

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Important note: a “Sample Not For Resale” label will be printed on the back cover.

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Expanding on our wildly successful original PlayBook Video Player, the new soft-to-the-touch full wrap version with a fully customizable design template-based cover will give you the creative freedom to include custom designs, logos, images and more. The beautiful high-quality color printed (and hand applied) cover has an amazingly soft feel that will leave your clients awestruck.

The PlayBook is an amazing way to display your work in a video player form. This product has a number of uses: slideshows, wedding videos, digital file delivery, in-studio samples, portfolio, self-promotion, promotional leave behind and so much more.

The PlayBook is packed with features: 7″ screen, 1024×600 resolution, video auto-play on open, built-in controls, 4GB flash capacity, 2 hours of playtime on a single charge, built-in speaker with volume control, drag & drop file load (connecting via included USB cable to any computer–PC or Mac) and accepts all major/common video file/codec formats.

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PlayBook Full Wrap ExamplePlayBook Full Wrap Example

Template Help Guide

Full Wrap PlayBook Help Guide

How to Load Videos Onto the PlayBook

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Product dimensions: 8.625″ x 6.625″ x .625″
Screen size: 7″ (diagonal)
Screen resolution: 1024×600
Audio: built-in speaker
Capacity: 32GB flash
Battery: built-in and rechargeable via included USB cable


PlayBook video player
USB cable
Protective soft pouch

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32GB 3.0

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Full Color Print


1 Year