PlayBook Video Player – Full Wrap Studio Sample


The new Full Wrap PlayBook Video Player with a soft-to-the-touch full-color printed cover is a beautiful and luxurious way to stretch your creative muscles when delivering your videos, slideshows, and more.

Current production lead time: 7 business days

IMPORTANT NOTE: to receive the $50 off discount, you must use code PBSAMPLE50 at checkout. Only 1 per order and 5 per year are allowed. Cannot be combined with other codes. On the back of each PlayBook will be a small sample stamp.

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    A template is required to customize this product. Click here for instructions on how to use the template from our Help Center.
    1. Download the latest Photoshop template (V5 - revised February 2020) by clicking the icon below.

    2. Insert your design/image(s) to the "PLACE IMAGE" layer.
    3. Turn off or delete the "GUIDELINES" layer.
    4. Choose "Save as..." and save file as a .JPG (quality 12) and upload below.
    PLEASE NOTE: final uploaded designs may take some time to upload, do not refresh page.

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