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Crystal Drive + Rustic Wood Slide Flash Box Bundle (Type-A)

Original price was: $27.90 – $47.90.Current price is: $20.93 – $35.93.

The Crystal Duo Drive + Rustic Wood Slide Box Bundle takes our amazing new, patent pending Duo mechanism Crystal Flash Drive and combines it with the small-but-mighty rustic wood slide box from our Wood Collection. Customize the drive and box separately with your logo or design. Keep scrolling to learn more.

An important note on light image printing:
Images with a lighter color palette tend to appear overexposed when printing on a Clear Acrylic lid. For best results, we recommend darkening your image by 30% prior to uploading.

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Did you know? This product has both a Type-C and Duo (Type-C + Type-C) version available. Read more below and visit the links to shop!


Same price, future-proof design.
The Type-C version of this drive uses a faster and newer interface and includes a convenient Type-C to Type-A adapter.

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Type-C + Type-A

Best of both worlds: get our patent pending combination design to have easy onboard Type-C + Type-A.

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Crystal Flash Drive (Type-A)

Elegance. Performance. Class. The Crystal flash drive, our most popular customizable USB drive, will satisfy your clients’ sophisticated tastes while reinforcing your brand’s attention to detail. These timeless USB drives evoke thoughts of diamonds while being fully customizable with sub-surface laser engraving (what’s this?). Take your clients’ experience to the next level with these impressive drives. With 26 cap colors to choose from, our Crystal drive will match and display your brand with as much precision and class as the engraving and feel of these drives themselves.

This drive is available in capacities and USB versions: 8GB 2.0, 16GB 3.0, 32GB 3.0, 64GB 3.0, and 128GB 3.0.

We like to offer you the very best. Although surface laser engraving on our Crystal drive was beautiful, sub-surface laser engraving is even more amazing! The laser engraving process and machines that are used are different from those used for normal surface engraving. The result: a stunning engraving that appears to float in the center of the crystal. We are the only company to offer sub-surface laser engraving on our Crystal drives at no additional cost to you and with no minimums.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The housing of the drive is standard silver metal. This drive does not light up or illuminate when plugged in.

Rustic Wood Slide Flash Drive Box

The secret to the success of the Rustic Wood Slide Flash Drive Box lies in its simplicity. The smooth finish of the pine wood, clean lines, right angles, and flawless construction will be immediately noticeable to your clients when they hold it in their hands for the first time.

The lid, which slides on and off in a dedicated groove cut precisely into the box, is available in matching rustic pine, metal, or clear acrylic. Customization options include a number of combinations of the 3 lids, laser engraving, full-color print, and full-bleed color print.


  • Imprint options: full color, full bleed color, laser engraving
  • Real pine wood box construction
  • 3 slide-in lid options to choose from: rustic pine, metal, or clear acrylic
  • Wood wool filler to rest the drive on
  • Imprint area: 2.5 in x 2.5 in centered on the lid, or full bleed edge-to-edge
  • Dimensions: 4 in x 3.75 in x 1.5 in
Click to download full bleed template.

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8GB 2.0, 16GB 3.0, 32GB 3.0, 64GB 3.0, 128GB 3.0

Cap Color

Bamboo (Dark), Bamboo (Light), Blush Rose, Brown, Brushed Charcoal, Brushed Chrome, Brushed Gold, Brushed Rose Gold, Chrome, Downie Blue, Glossy Black, Glossy Charcoal, Gold, Grey, Maple, Matte Black, Matte Silver, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose Gold/Copper, Sky Blue, Taupe, Walnut, White

Drive Type

Type-A Only

Box Type

Flash Drive Only

Box Body Color

Rustic Pine

Box Lid Type


Box Lid Color

Clear Acrylic, Metal, Rustic Pine

Box Filler

Wood Wool

Box Size

For Flash Drive

Customization Type

Full Color Print, Full-Bleed Color Print, Laser Engraving, Sub-Surface Laser Engraving


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